With the value of smart choices etched into your thinking, you can also formulate your plans. Based on building a vision of your future, that is different than simply staying the course, proceed with building your goals knowing that you are equipped with a highly reliable decision making process.

Decision Thinking

  1. Gather and Analyze
  2. Consider Options
  3. Be Decisive
  4. Use Good Judgment

Thoughts to Affirm Decision Making

  1. I make good decisions after information gathering and analysis.
  2. I believe in my good judgment as a methodology to affect positive outcomes.
  3. I am confident making optimal choices across circumstances.
  4. I am decisive in my decisions, after completing analysis.

Questions to Support Decision Making

  1. Do the decisions I make show good judgment?
  2. Do I believe in my ability to make good decisions?
  3. Are my decisions the best possible choices in given situations?
  4. Am I proud of the choices I have made?
  5. Do my decisions reflect my values and ideals?

Exercises to Reinforce Decision Making

  1. For an upcoming decision, sketch it out on paper, listing alternatives and pros and cons for each option.
  2. When faced with a decision, consider it in light of a potential solution, not as a problem.
  3. Envision varied downstream consequences of your decisions to determine long-term effects.

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