Missions Give Meaning

By · October 6, 2014

A mission is different from a vision, but also critical, and works with the vision. Mission is a reason for existence. A vision is a desire for the future, but a mission is a reason for being. A mission is a core purpose that is important and impacts, making a difference. The mission gives meaning and is supported by core values that steer the mission. A vision, mission, and values that are carefully constructed and true to a person or organization generally stand the test of time.Walt disney disneyland map original old 1950s

The ‘Happiest Place on Earth’ started with a simple vision.  Walt Disney envisioned a place where his employees could spend time with their children right across the street from his studio. After his vision was established, he spent five years developing Disneyland. In the early planning stages he said, ‘…I just want it to look like nothing else in the world. And it should be surrounded by a train.” Disney’s planning did not stop there. Disneyland became a success, and soon plans for Disney World and Epcot Center had begun. The vision, once established by Walt Disney, continues to exist as the entire Disney Company continues to grow and prosper, while entertaining generations of visitors. It truly is like ‘nothing else in the world’ and it all began with a vision.

Values, often expanded by specific principles, support your vision and mission by outlining what is important and matters most to you. Jot down a list of values that are important to you and allow them to steer you as you implement your vision and mission. Values should be meaningful to you personally and keep you on track. Ken Blanchard, author of the One Minute Manager urges companies to develop a clear picture of their mission and values, and says an organization then has a strong basis for evaluating its management practices and brings them into alignment with the articulated mission and values.  The values of the Ken Blanchard Companies are ethical behavior, relationships, successes and learning.

Blanchard defined a vision for his company to be the number one advocate for human worth in the world. The mission that supports this vision is to unleash the potential and power of people and organizations for the common good. Ken Blanchard has put his vision and mission first, and his organization clearly reflects his high ideals, as a roadmap for the future.


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