How Visions Encourage

By · November 7, 2014

Trail 1A vision is encouraging not only for yourself, but also for others around you, because it helps them to understand what you are about and what is driving you. Visions are usually highly optimistic with a strong confidence for achievement. This is powerful because of the hope it instills and the purpose it provides. Vision is based on your current reality, but paints a different future. The vision essentially links and moves you from your current course into a desired potential. You may also look at it as discovering your destiny, and then courageously acting on it.

When simply stated, visions are powerful, persuasive, and potent. To go, or to become, are good words to think about as you build a vision because they project into the future. When organizations have strong visions that are inspirational, they have been shown to be more successful, and organizational outcomes are strongly impacted. Strong visions have been linked to greater organizational performance.1 For successful individuals, this is also true also because they have painted a picture that influences themselves and others.

Creating and communicating a vision is the hallmark of great leadership because it provides the guiding compass for you or your organization to act on. Everything changes for individuals and organizations when there is something to aspire to, to work toward, and to act on. Create a vision and work to achieve it with focused energy. Create your future.

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