Planning is the first step to transforming a dream into reality. If you don’t do anything differently, there is a strong likelihood your future will be very similar to your past. This is when situations unfold around you, rather than according to your goals and plans. Without planning, your outcomes are not determined by you, but by circumstances you respond to, rather than create.

Planning allows you to transform your current reality into one where you realize possibilities. Producing your own plans, following your own initiatives, and determining your own outcomes and destiny brings the greatest potential opportunities into your life.  Nothing is more satisfying than dreaming and imagining, laying out your plan, acting on the plan, and then actually experiencing the results. Watching a plan unfold can create an enthusiasm within you that nothing can match.think-big

You may be considering whether just allowing your life to unfold, is a reasonable course of action, but it is not. It places you at the whims and wishes of others, and subject to situations. One day you may suddenly wake up thinking that this was not how your life was supposed to turn out.  There are so many conditions in your life you can’t control, so to manage the outcomes you can control through specific actions, makes wonderful sense. A plan is the mechanism that allows you to create change instead of being required to react to it. It is when you specifically detail how your objectives will be achieved, and it is a method of doing something that is worked out in definite steps.

A strategic plan will change your outcomes because it will provide you with a roadmap that outlines a specific future you envision for yourself, your organization, community or family. You will create your own reality.  This is ‘big picture thinking’ and requires focused attention on your part, when purposely designing it.

You could never create or follow a guide to your highest potential with the exclusion of a specific planning component. It all boils down to this – you do need a plan.

A plan is a set of items outlined to reach a goal. However, planning strategically has more depth, is more purposeful, and is broader and more meaningful than a basic plan. With it you also envision a future. A good strategic plan inspires change because it outlines specific criteria in order for future changes to occur. To visualize your future you must define where you want to be, with purpose and rationale, and then outline the steps to make your vision a reality.

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