Once you have made a decision based on solid process, run with it. Don’t waffle, back out, or belabor. Just move forward, take action and execute. It is a real relief to act after investigation, to move after inactivity, and to take a stand after deliberation. It will also give you a sense of satisfaction to conclude whether or not your decision was a good one in the context of the situation.

Now is the time for you to act, be bold and brave, in the confidence of your choice. Even though there can be difficulties in being decisive in situations where the boundaries and ultimate goals are not clearly defined, the use of logic in tough situations is key. Have confidence in your ability to make the great decisions that result in fulfilling your goals.

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When it comes to being decisive, it is not just what you think about, but also how you think, that will determine your choice of action. For example, you might be considering a project, but unless you think specifically about how it will happen, and then decide to act, it is very likely that only wishful thinking will occur.

For example, many people think about exercising, but without decisive and specific thoughts of action, exercise often does not occur. Researchers in Dallas asked one group of sedentary volunteers to think about actions they could take to exercise.  A second group was asked to think about reasons to exercise. Actions-directed thinking might include ‘I will walk for half an hour every evening at 8 pm’, or ‘While watching the news every night, I will complete a half hour stretch.’ Reasons-directed thinking about exercise might include ‘Exercise is going to help me,’ or ‘I really should exercise.’  The two types of thinking about exercise are quite different. When participants thought about and wrote down actions to take, they became more active. In the second group where time was spent on reasons and rationale for exercise, actual exercise did not occur.


The exercise example demonstrates a basic finding where decisions that do not lead to action are just ideas.  Action oriented thoughts take reasoning to the next level because they are goal oriented. Be sure that your decisions provide a mechanism to take you into action.



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