Meet Maria

What is the path that makes someone passionate about supporting others in their leadership training and development? What drives a lifelong quest to understanding how leaders think? Why is it that leadership belongs to everyone? 

Maria Berdusco tells the story of finding herself under a baobab tree with one of her students while teaching biology in a small village in the West African savannah. In her book, How to Think Like a Leader, she tells of how she was unable to answer the question of leadership when her student, determined to make a mark, asked her what it would take for him to become a leader. He wanted to make a difference for others.

Single, meaningful conversations can change lives, and as a result of her memorable experience, Maria embarked on a personal mission to understand leadership, and determined that it must be within everyone’s reach, and that, in fact, leadership does belong to everyone.  

Today, Maria Berdusco is an author, speaker, leadership strategist, facilitator and professional coach. Her organization, Leadership International, specializes in training and development and offers innovative programs to help individuals and organizations explore possibilities, potential and their leadership capacity.

After exploring the globe as a young graduate and volunteer teacher, Maria began her career in basic and applied life science research.  She has twenty years of Fortune 500 management experience in the science and technology fields, and led a life science division to over $100 million in revenue.

Her research and corporate initiatives led her further along the path of leadership development, and ultimately to the merging of leadership cognition and leadership competencies, how you think and what you do.  She seeks to support others in breakthrough results and transformational outcomes by recognizing and supporting individual potential.

Maria holds degrees in molecular biology and behavioral psychology, and has completed a Masters of Science in Leadership and Business at Duquesne University. She speaks to groups on leadership, leads workshops and seminars, and coaches individuals to take action on their dreams and goals.

Maria has visited fifty countries across six continents, and is passionate about leadership, locally and globally. Let Leadership International guide you to a higher potential.